Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jake's 16th Birthday in Pictures

We had a fun birthday for Jacob. The morning of his birthday I made cinnamon rolls before everyone headed off to school. That afternoon when everyone got home Jake opened his presents. We got him some Playstation 3 games, controller and head set. I think he was pretty happy. For dinner he requested crepes and bacon. That was all set until his uncle called and wanted to know if we wanted to go out to eat. We decided that sounded like fun and we could have the crepes in the morning for breakfast. We ate dinner at Smash Burger. We came home and had Jello cake for dessert. Mmmm.On Sunday we managed to hold a surprise birthday party. Since Jake didn't have any plans with his friends I thought we should do something for his 16th birthday so I planned a family party. It was held at the VFW up the street from our house. I think he was actually surprised! We had a really great time. A lot of people showed up. We had snacks, cake and pizza and played some games. And since he is 16, it only made sense to make a drivers license cake. He got some really great gifts. And lots of help opening them.Thank you to everyone who showed up. It turned out to be a pretty good day!
If I was thinking better that day I would have gotten more family pictures. At least someone was thinking and we got this great photo of Jake and his paternal grandparents.


Kathleen said...

From one mom to another, you may want to take down the picture of the cake with your address posted. I'm a complete stranger to you and now I know where you and your children live.

~Sara said...

You are totally right. Thank you for the reminder. I forgot my husband blurred out our information. I changed it on my other blog and forgot to change it on this one. THank you!!