Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Updating

I was looking through pictures tonight. I came across this picture and it made me smile. I look forward to warmer days spent outside. Calm, fresh air, sunshine, the smell of cut grass, peacefulness.

I am trying to get caught up on some blogging. I have been really tired lately and although I have had time to sit down and type, I just haven't been able too. Concentration has been a little difficult. Pictures have been slim.

Along with tiredness their has been sickness. Seems like someone always has something. The sniffles, sore throat, cough. I guess it's that time of year and when there are 7 of you it's bound to happen.

We are plugging along. Jake just finished his basketball season and now track starts on Monday. He will be celebrating his 16th birthday one week from today. The day before his birthday he gets his cast off. Not sure which is more exciting.

Tony is preparing for his first show choir performance next week. He was also selected to attend the musical West Side Story at the Civic Center. They leave in the morning, have lunch (paid for and provided), and then will be attending the performance. He is very, very excited.

Brodie is doing great in Kindergarten. On Mondays he gets to head to a different classroom where they do some extra things with him since he is picking up on reading and such so quickly. He and Drew just got signed up for baseball He lost his second tooth today during gym class.

Drew is comical. Loves to spend time with his momma and sissy. Tonight he kissed Emily goodnight and said "sleep tight princess". I don't think he could love anyone more than he does his sister. It's a pretty special thing.

Emily is growing by leaps and bounds. She just had her 15 month check which I will update you on later. She says "momma" perfectly and has a really funny squinty smiley face going on right now. She just got her first molar and is working on the others.

That's life for us right now, this week anyway.

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Sara P. said...

We love you all! So nice to have this great update. I'm jealous of Tony's trip to see West Side Story. How great for him. Love the connection between Drew and Emily. Nate loves her, too. Hugs!