Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Drew!

We celebrated Mr. Drewbugs birthday yesterday. He turned 5 years old! I love this kid so much. He is one of the moodiest kids of all the children but he is also one of the most lovable. He is always giving me random hugs and kisses on the forehead when I am sitting in my chair. He is just such a good boy and I can't believe he is FIVE!!! Ahh my baby boy.

He loves all things super hero. Remember the costume post? Well he still loves to dress as a super hero and play super hero. So of course all he really wanted for his birthday was super hero stuff. So here he is opening his Captain America shield.
And here he is opening his Batman house.
So excited! He wanted me to wait and make his cake for his birthday with his grandparents, which turned out to be a really good thing since I was sick and wouldn't of been able to have the cake ready for his actual birth date.

He got to choose dinner which consisted of bacon wrapped sirloins, popcorn shrimp, blueberry muffins and strawberries. Definitely my son. Those are all my favorites too! We spent the evening eating popcorn and watching a movie in the basement for a change.

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