Sunday, November 13, 2011

Goodbye beard, you won't be missed.

Well, he did it. The grizzly, Neanderthal, homeless looking husband that I had is now this well groomed, clean kept man! Amazing what shaving can do for a person.It started out as a no-shave contest at work. The only problem was, Will was the only one left particiapating. He has done it before a few years ago. It's kinda fun to watch and see just how long and curly it will get. The top picture was just a little over 3 1/2 months of not shaving. The goal was January first and then he would buzz it all off. Once he started double taking because he thought he kept seeing people sneak up on him, only to realize it was just his own beard, then he realized it was time to shave. (sorry hon, had to share that!)

And since Dad always uses the clippers to cut the boys hair, it was only fair that they get to cut his hair. Brodie wasn't at all interested, but Drew loved every minute of it. He was very serious and would periodically stop and look at Will and say "you look so weird".

Yes, this all came from his head.The house was pretty split about the decision to shave. Jake and Tony liked the beard and were a bit bummed to see its demise. Brodie and Drew liked it cut. I, of course liked the new look. Emily on the other hand, not so much. I had a feeling she would be a bit reserved if he looked different. We even had her watch so she could see the transformation. She giggled and totted around the kitchen while Drew cut. Once Will was done and actually looked at her, she shreaked in fear. I couldn't believe how terrified she was of him. I didn't know who to feel more sorry for Emily or Will.

She got over it eventually but was still a little unsure of it the next day. Everything is all good now and she is back to being a daddy's girl.


Anonymous said...

I actually miss Beard very much. Sometimes I sit in my chair and remember the good times Beard and I had.... eating sandwiches together, feeling the wind run through us as we drove down the road with the windows down, holding each other cheek in follicle as we walked through the park, and cuddling together to keep warm while watching fall football games together. Beard was very thoughtful, he always had a snack stashed away and reminded me of it when he knew I was hungry. As you mentioned, Beard also had a great sense of humor and liked to play tricks on me. He would sneak up on my sides prettending to be strangers following me. He got me with that same joke several times and each time we would just chuckle together. Beard was a great friend and he will be missed. RIP Beard, gone but never forgotten.

Your father, your host, your friend - Will

Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
I thought the beard was really cool.
Too bad Sara didn't like it. I really needed a laugh and reading your post gave me a big chuckle.
Good bye Beard!!
Mike M

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to comment on Beard. I too participated in No Shave November. I also feel the need to make a small correction to the statement that Will was the last participating member of the No Shave November club. I was still fully committed to the project when I saw Will on Saturday night, 11/12, sans wooly Beard, con buzzed head. Technically speaking I was the last participant. Small detail, but I need all I can get when it comes to competing with the "Beard O` Will".

-Shawn E.