Monday, November 7, 2011

Emily's First Bithday Party

We held Emily's first birthday this past weekend. We had lots of friends and family show up to help us celebrate. I thought she might be a little shy since there was so many people in our house but she did great.

Here are some pictures of her opening her gifts. She got lots of good stuff. I am realizing now that when you have a girl, her birthday gifts are kinda like your own. I loved seeing all the new clothes and fun girlie things she got. She immediatly had to love on her babies when she opened them. Funny how girls just do that. Its like boys automatically play guns and making car noises.
Here was the birthday cake I made for her. I made Emily her own special cake. She poked at it a few times and then just leaned forward to take a bite.
She thought she was pretty funny. And she was. Before the party we took a couple pictures of Emmy and her mommy and daddy. Awww, she loves her daddy.
It's still hard for me to believe that we finally have a girl. We all love her so much.

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Anonymous said...

She is sure a beautiful girl!! These are great pictures!
Mike M.