Monday, August 8, 2011

Pool Parties

We have awesome neighbors. A few years ago they put in an above ground pool. They are kind enough to call and invite us over when they aren't using it. It has been an awesome treat for us this year since we have had such a hot summer. Plus, you can't beat the price! It is so expensive to take our family to a public pool so I appreciate the fact that all this has cost me is some produce from my garden! (Given because I wanted too, not because they asked.)The boys love the water. The water is 4 feet deep so they wear their life jackets and can just bounce around without us having to hold onto them.
Emily has been getting used to the water too. It is very relaxing for her. On more than one occasion this is how she ends up.

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Daryl Northrop said...

That shot of Will and Emily is so stinking cute!