Monday, August 1, 2011


Tony joined 4H in the Spring. He joined his cousins group, which is a newer group just getting started. He had some big plans for projects he wanted to enter in the county fair. First he was going to do rabbits, but that just wasn't going to work. I love animals but adding another animal at this time just isn't reasonable.

He really wanted to restore a piece of furniture but we just didn't get started in time. So, he has always liked photography so we taught him a few things about our camera and turned him loose. He ended up snapping some pictures of our chickens and picked a silhouette picture of one of the birds to submit to the Polk county fair.

He was a little nervous to have his picture judged, but the judge gave him some good pointers and he felt really good afterwards.

He ended up winning a red ribbon for his photo. From what I can tell blue ribbons are awarded to participants whose photos meet all the standards; quality of photo, centered, lighting, focus, etc. Red ribbons are awarded to those who meet some of the standards but could use a little more work.

Tony was extremely proud and excited as he should be.


Stefany said...

Good job, Tony!

Aunt Shirley said...

Very good for your first project!
Way to go Tony!