Monday, June 20, 2011

Minnesota Vacation Part 5

The last few days were a bit cooler and a few of the days the lake was a little rough. That didn't stop Will, grandpa and Jake but the rest of us opted to stay off the boat.

We spent some time up at the bridge fishing. We didn't have a lot of luck up there this year.Drew got some web blasting practice in.
Emily was content mostly just sitting in her stroller watching everyone.
Friday night was our last night and we enjoyed a meal up at the steakhouse. The weather was rainy so no one went out fishing. Tony was able to finish the puzzle that grandma had brought that we all had worked on throughout the week. The guys got the boats out of the water while mom and I finished packing. We finished the night with a fire in the fireplace.

Saturday morning we got up early to pack the boats and get on the road. All week we kept a poster on the fridge documenting what fish were caught each day. The person who caught the most bass for the week would be the champion. After doing some math and averaging out (since grandpa missed some days) the winner of this years Ten Mile Lake Tournament of Champions was...Will. He won the belt buckle. And yes, that is a trout, not a bass. Details, details. As usual we took family photos before we left.This was the view of the lake from the front of our cabin the morning we left. This will be our last year up there for a while. It is bittersweet. I have come up here every year since I was a child. We decided that since our kids are getting older it is time to travel a bit and see some new sites. So, next year we are planning to take a vacation elsewhere. While I will miss not coming up here, it will be fun to go some place new.


Julia said...

awesome contest and belt buckle!

mom4 said...

love the contest ! great idea
yes bitter sweet for 36 year my dh family did this then i came along humn around year 19 then it broke off as your family's wanted to do and go and see other places our family lasted a year or two and went back to our week at the lake in mn . Then stop again 3years ago and now my youngest she be 11 in aug .ask for her birthday to go back on vacation at the lake for her birthday so this year we are going back and all our kids are exciting 20,17 11 and youngest 11 very excited ! to reunion to the lake in mn this year . We are cutting it shorter then a week as we are travel out of state some where else . So i though i share our bitter sweet and really how much it does mean to our family and am sure yours too .

~Sara said...

mom4 thanks for sharing. I can see us returning again in the upcoming years. My kids have really grown to love this lake as much as I have. I know we won't be able to stay away for long!