Monday, June 27, 2011


Tonight we took the kids fishing and had a picnic dinner. It was an absolute gorgeous night to be outside. It has been awhile since we loaded everyone up and gone somewhere for the evening. It felt really nice.

The boys were happy to catch a few fish. Brodie caught the first fish of the night.
Tony was really into fishing tonight. Usually he gives up, but he was the only one who fished the whole night. He ended up catching about a dozen blue gill. This was the largest.
Jake fished for a bit and ended up catching a few.
Drew fished for a short while. A very short while. He had more fun playing with his buddy Canon, throwing rocks into the water and poking a dead carp carcass with a stick.Little Miss was such a good girl. She sat most of the evening in her stroller soaking it all in.

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