Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on the Basement Remodel

We are done! Whoo Hoo. We finished up officially last night when Will layed down the metal strips over the carpet between rooms. Now it is time to move the kids in! We are hoping to get that started as soon as possible.

If you remember I left you with the rooms looking like this. Here they are once all the painting was completed. Tony wanted to have a red room. We settled for one red wall. The gray that is on the other 3 walls matches the gray in the TV room.
Tonys room.
Jake's room. Jake wanted black walls. We settled on 2 dark gray walls and then two light gray walls. I really like the way his room turned out. For the TV room we did the light gray. I love it too.
Tony's closet.
TV room.

Here is Tonys room complete with carpet!
A look at his closet. This gave us some trouble because it fell under a beam. We had to order different doors and have them cut to fit.

Here is Jakes room.

A look at his closet and door.

Here is the main TV room. The door is leading into Jake's room.
This is looking from the main room towards the bottom of the stairs.

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