Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are Done!

We got Jake and Tony moved into their new rooms last week. They are loving them. We set up the TV room downstairs too. They kids have already watched a couple movies in there.

We are finally finished with the little boys room. We got the painting done and everything moved. We let the boys pick what colors they wanted. Brodie's favorite color is blue and Drew's favorite color is yellow. So it worked out pretty good because they looked great together. This is my new favorite room! Here are the before pictures.
And here are the after pictures.
Amazing how much it changed the room.

We purchased bunk beds and new mattresses for them as well. We just got those put up last night.

Now I just need to get the baby's room ready. It is cleaned out for the most part. I am going to try and sell Brodie's car bed. I am a little sad about getting rid of that, but we just don't have room to store it for the next child (assuming it is a boy). I thought the room needed painted (and I still do) but Will thinks it will be ok after a good scrubbing. We will see. :o)

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