Friday, January 11, 2008

Week In Review

Well, TGIF!! What a week this has been for us. Starting on Sunday Drew ran a fever and was very clingy. He fell asleep twice while Will was holding him. Something he rarely does. Monday he still ran a fever so I took him to the Dr. I wanted to make sure he didn't have ear infection again since he just got over that and with his other ear being ruptured from when Brodie poked it I wanted to lean on the side of caution. Nothing serious thankfully, just viral but they drew his blood anyway to make sure. Tuesday came around and there wasn't too much drama. Just the usual hustle and bustle of getting Tony to his piano lesson and then home for dinner and then off to basketball practice for both him and Jake. Wednesday Tony was home sick with a stomach ache. I had a eye Dr apt that morning. Everything Ok there, just confirmed that I will probably always have problems with my left eye that was burned over the summer, so that was sort of a bummer. Tony pretty much laid around all day. He perked up a little that evening. Thursday...Going ok, sent Tony to school because he was a little better. I went and did a little shopping when Will came home from work. I called to check in and he said that he thought he might have broke Jakes finger. I was like WHAT? I said you have got to be joking with me and he said no that it looked pretty bad. He and Jake were messing around playing Nerf guns and he went to shut the basement door and Jake stuck his hand in at the last moment and got crushed. So I quickly checked out and went home. Jakes fingers were pretty swollen and starting to turn a little purple. It was already 4:45pm and I knew he has basketball pictures at 6 and practice at 6:30. I figured he should have an x-ray because the last 2 times he has had an injury I waited and he ended up breaking his finger and his arm. Sooo, after some phone calls I took him to my old clinic for an x-ray. Of course also with me was Brodie and Drew because Will had to go to basketball practice with Tony because he is the coach. That was FUN!! Thankfully none of his fingers were broken, they saw one spot but thought that it looked like a growth plate so they are going to have the x-ray over read to make sure. He does have a lot of soft tissure damage so they said it could take awhile to heal. They were quick we were there about 25 minutes and made it to Jakes pictures on time. Whew! It was close though and it had started snowing so the roads were getting a little slick. I hate driving in snow! Now it's Friday and it was suppose to be calm, but Tonys stomach started hurting again so I took him into the doctor this morning. He thinks it is just acid hopefully, and put him on Prevacid for a week. He said if it got worse to call. I am hoping now, things will be peaceful for the remainder of the day and weekend. For now, I can sit back and catch my breath because it is quiet for the moment.

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