Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pretend Play

I had to smile to myself this morning as I sat at the kitchen table with Brodie coloring. I was coloring Elmo remembering how much I used to love coloring when I was little. I remember sitting at my Grandma and Grandpa Fleischacker's desk scribbling all over a piece of paper and then coloring each section a different color. I took these pictures of Brodie who was pretending to go to school. He always likes to watch Tony get on the bus in the mornings. So yesterday he found his backpack and filled it up with cars and then wore it around the house for the majority of the morning. Then of course there is the "cooking stuff". For Christmas we got Brodie and Drew a play kitchen. They LOVE it. I had also found a chefs hat, apron and oven mit set. Brodie loves to wear it when he is playing with the kitchen. We cooked everything today. Hotdogs, noodles, "mitch" (sandwhich), mana (banana), cookies you name it. If fact, he even pushed Drew down this morning for touching a pan that he pulled out of his oven. He was yelling "No,No, Drew, Hot!"

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juliecache said...

Did you get the coloring sections of scribble from Betty Lou and the house with the Magic Window? I remember watching her do that, and I copied her, too.