Saturday, October 20, 2012

4 Months

Wowzers.  Almost 4 months since my last blog post.  I have LOTS of catching up to do.  Life has been busy.  All the boys started school over 2 months ago.  Some time I must have thought that I might get a little "bored" just having Emily home during the days with me.  I am used to having to entertain Drew and with him starting Kindergarten I thought I would have large gaps of my day open.

I was wrong.  My days are busier than ever.  And not just because I am chasing a very rambunctious, precocious, curious, independent, busy, almost 2 but going on 6 little girl around all day.  Emily is a full time job for sure!  But when I thought I might be "bored" with the kids going back to school I apparently signed up for all sorts of school related tasks.

Will and I are on the Junior After Prom committee.  Yes, Jake is a Junior which is extremely hard to believe.  We have been attending monthly meetings and helping organize and work fundraisers.  I am also the treasurer so I keep track of all the money and write checks. 

I got a call from the elementary school principle saying my name had been mentioned as a good candidate to have on the SIAC.  SIAC stands for School Improvement Advisory Committee.  Meetings are held only 3-4 times a year and topics include student enrollment, budget, program studies, and school improvement goals.I have yet to attend a meeting but it should be interesting. 

2 weeks ago I got a letter home from Drew's class giving a list of the homeroom parent and parent helpers.  I was surprised to see that my name was listed as the homeroom parent.  Apparently I forgot that I must have offered to do that when I signed the kids up for school.  So now I am planning all the school parties and teacher appreciation week.  

The first couple months of school have been busy with sports and band.  Jake played on both the JV and varsity team for football.  This meant games every week on both Monday and Friday nights.  Tony joined marching band and this required very early morning practices and some evenings.  His Saturdays have been filled with traveling to different schools for competitions. 

Brodie and Drew played 2 weeks of flag football.  Will signed up as a helper which turned into him being the head coach and planning all the practices.  Practice was held on Tuesday and Thursday nights with one scrimmage on a Saturday morning. 

All that is over now.  Jake played his last football game last night and marching band is over for Tony.  Next up is basketball for Jake.  He gets a week off before practice begins for that.  Tony will still have band practice but no early morning marching band (yay for a little more sleep!)  Brodie and Drew have the winter off and will start baseball in March.

So, there you have it.  A quick recap of just some of what has been going on.  I'll save my gardening, birthdays and all that other fun stuff for another post. 

Oh what?  You wanted a picture?  Ok, here ya go.  Our little cowgirl.

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