Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4th of July

So I am backing up a little to post all of my pictures and events from the last 4 months that I missed.  Will never go this long again!  I have so many photos to share!

The fourth of July was spent up in Colo at Will's parents house.  We had made a trip to Missouri a couple weeks before for a wedding and we couldn't pass up all the firework stores by the border!  I had never been to one and it was truly overwhelming!  So many cool things to purchase!

We started off the night with a hotdog roast over the fire outside.  We always have lots of good food when we are up there.  Here are a couple desserts that I made to share.

Fun fruit kabobs with red, white and blue marshmallow stars and Jello poke cake.  Mmmmm.

At dusk we tried out a few of the smoke bombs we had gotten.  We also got some smoke grenades that the kids thought were really cool.  We got some colored smoke and the blue was my favorite.

Here is a picture of Jake and his girlfriend Rachel.  Aren't they just so cute?

Once the sun went down we started in on the fireworks, I mean the other items we bought at the store.  We also had to do some sparklers.  Brodie had fun trying to write his name in the dark.  He was only able to do one letter at a time of course.  Here is his D.
While at the store we let each of the kids pick out a car so that they could have a battle to see who's car could stand the most damage.  The kids would face off 2 at a time.  Who ever won at the end would go into the final challenge.  Here is all the kids and their cars that they picked out.

 Even Rachel played along.  She is such a good sport!

Here is what the battles looked like.

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