Monday, July 2, 2012

First Annual Smoke-A-Thon

We had a great weekend.  Will took Thursday and Friday off and it was great having him home.  Thursday he spent the day smoking meat.  He was preparing for the big event that was held on Saturday.  He wanted to try out some new recipes and test them on us.  I didn't mind!

Saturday we spent the day at the Bob Shetler Shelter at Saylorville hosting the first annual Smoke-a-thon!  It was a success despite the 100+ degree heat index.  

While the meat cooked we played games, the kids fished, played at the playground, played in the sand and just had a good time being out in the outdoors.  With the hot weather there was frequent water and ice breaks. 
The food was awesome.  There was 4 guys smoking different types of meat.  Brisket, pork butt, sausage, chicken, ribs and turkey.  Mmmm.  If only you could bottle that smell.  It was divine!

By evening we had a good turnout.  Lots of people from Will's work showed up.  It was nice to connect with all the wives and meet some new people.  Everyone brought side dishes to share.  There was certainly no shortage of food.

We had alot of fun and plan on making this an annual if not semi-annual event.  Next time however we will hopefully pick a day when it isn't so hot!  Thanks to all who came out!

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