Thursday, January 27, 2011

We have spent the entire month on a spending freeze. We are doing really good. I am blogging about it over at my other blog. We have only spent about $23 on groceries for the month. I feel very thankful that we have enough food to eat solely out of our freezer and pantry. I'm grateful we butchered our own chickens this past summer. Thankful my shelves are filled with healthy home canned fruits and vegetables. Thankful the chicken are still giving us 5-7 eggs a day. I like being as self sufficient as possible.

I am starting to feel a little cooped up. Happens this time of year. The weather hasn't been near as bad as last winter. Not as much snow at least so I shouldn't complain. I am looking forward to spring and gardening. I can't wait to spend time outside and not worry about boots, snowpants and mittens. Right now I basically stay inside while everyone else goes out since the baby obviously can't go out. Just a few more months and the grass should be getting greener...

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