Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Night

So far this winter we have been lucky with the weather. Getting the kids outside to play each day makes such a huge difference. I am thankful they have been able to get out almost everyday so far.

This was our evening the other night. The kids got a Nerf flag football set for Christmas. They all love playing football (well, maybe not Tony). This was a great gift because there is suppose to be no tackling. Or so I thought. There was few "accidental" tackles that I saw. They all had a good time though and played well together. Even the chickens were out playing.It was Wednesday which meant Family night. The kids really wanted to go to Barnes and Noble to get books with their Christmas gift cards but we are participating in a 30 days of nothing challenge. No consumerism, no spending, being more aware of our wastes and being earth friendly. So, we didn't go.

Instead we made homemade pizza. Everyone got to make their own personal pizza. The kids really like this. Then we all curled up and watched a movie. It was a good night.

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