Saturday, December 11, 2010

Searching for the Perfect Tree

We buy our Christmas tree each year. I love the smell of fresh pine trees. This year we headed out to Kidman Tree Farm. I was a little disappointed. Last year we went there and were able to enjoy a wagon ride driven by horses, a visit to Santa and a real live reindeer. This year they didn't have any of those things. We must have hit a special day last year. None the less we had a good time. It was super cold! We headed out to the field with intentions to cut down our own tree. The wind was blowing so hard and we didn't see anything right away that caught our eye so we headed back up to the building to see what we could find that was already pre-cut. We finally found one we all could agree on. They strapped it on the roof of the van and we headed home.

Once we got home Dad got it set up in the living room and the boys took off the netting. We let it sit overnight with plans to decorate it the next evening. Waiting is a hard thing to do sometimes.

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