Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Me, Will and the boys have decided that making gingerbread houses or graham cracker houses will forever be a tradition at our house. We had a really good time making these and all the kids did a really good job. Brodie helped me pick out all the goodies to decorate the houses.We also frosted ice cream cones and made them into trees. Here is Jake's.Tony made a scenery inside his house. He put in a Christmas tree and gumdrops as the gifts.Brodie was proud of his house.Here is mine!And here is Drew's. Typical Drew, more frosting on him than on the house.This is the typical scene with Will. He is always the last one left at the table. He goes above and beyond. But I must admit his house was pretty cool.After we admired them for awhile the kids were able to eat them.

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