Thursday, March 4, 2010

G is for Garden

We are getting excited about the warmer weather and getting prepared for Spring. My seeds came in the mail the other day and the kids and I have spent lots of time going through seed catalogs drooling at all the delicious looking fruits and veggies.

Here is a craft we did this week for the letter G. We decided to make our own gardens on paper.

You will need construction paper, glue, coffee grounds, and an old magazine.We discussed growing plants in our garden and we read the book How Things Grow-A Book About Nature by Nancy Buss. For our craft I had the kids place glue all over the construction paper and then sprinkle the coffee grounds over it. The coffee grounds was our "dirt". Once this dried I had each of the boys go through the seed catalog I had and pick out what they would like to plant in our garden.

Here is what Drew picked. As you can see he chose all yellow flowers. Yellow is his favorite color! There is also one lone strawberry on there too!Brodie chose all berries and some purple flowers.


The Sometimes Mom said...

Love this idea!

flowers said...

Nice blog with a nice title "G is for Garden" It should be titled as SG for Sara Garden...Looks more appropriate. enjoyed your blog very much.