Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spider Math Mat Game

We started the letter "S" this week. We have been talking about spiders. Here is a fun math mat we are using. I printed the mat from this site.I picked up a bag of spider rings on clearance at Michaels for $.39 on Monday. They work perfect. I just cut the ring part off. Each child gets their own stack of spiders. You take turns rolling the dice and counting the number. Then you get that many spiders to place on the webs. Whoever fills up their mat first wins.


Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely amazing (in a really good way) that you get those boys to sit down and do these things! Especially Drew is still two (at least for another week). You do magic with those boys. :-)

Love ya, Mom B

Cop Mama said...

What a perfect game for little boys. My little guys love spiders. Oh, and of course the ever present sippy cup...I so can relate!