Thursday, November 12, 2009

S is for Spiders

We wrapped up the letter "S" this week. We talked a lot about spiders. Here are a few more crafts we did. We made this spiderweb using marbles and paint. I just put a piece of construction paper in a pan, added some white paint in the center and a marble and had the boys tilt the marble back in forth through the paint. After it dried we added a diecut spider.For this craft all you need is:
egg carton
paint brush pipe cleaners
googly eyes
I cut apart the individual egg containers and had the kids paint them. Brodie of course chose blue since that is his favorite color right now. Once dry, I poked 8 holes around the sides with a tiny screwdriver this way they could put in their own pipe cleaners for the legs. Then we glued on the googly eyes.
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Raising a Happy Child said...

I like your spider egg carton craft - the spiders turned out cute and scary :)