Saturday, November 7, 2009

Drew , the Lion and the Crazy Emu

Friday is was so nice outside I decided to take the little boys to the Zoo. They always love going there and it may be our last trip of the year. It was great because there was hardly anyone there. This is the boys looking at the jellyfish tank. Usually this place is really crowded. We took our time walking around and the kids played at the new playground and we enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading back home.

Here are some pictures of Drew and a lion. This lion was laying up against the window and Brodie was totally freaked out by it. He didn't want to get anywhere near it. But Drew, he walked right up to the window and even tapped on the glass. He stood there munching on his Cheez-Its talking to it like it was just another kitty cat. I think they were both feeling a little down. Drew was sad because the giraffe display was gone. Blocked off due to construction going on and the lion was sad because he was stuck in his cage and couldn't get out to eat the giraffe. Here is a picture of the Emu I thought was going to attack us. Remember how I said it was great because there was nobody at the Zoo? Well this was a little scary. This Emu got spooked for some reason and ran right up behind us and was following us for a good 15 steps. I was getting really nervous because I didn't even have to reach my arm all the way out to touch it, it was that close. Finally I had the boys (which I had pulled in front of me to protect in case the bird got a little nasty) stop and not move. We all stood like statues for a few seconds and the bird slowly walked around us and moved back up onto the grass. Whew, that was one time I wish there was other people around. We could have gotten attacked by a deranged Emu and no one would have even known!


juliecache said...

the emu thing has happened to us too! we might visit the zoo with itbs this week. #BPZ @davidlcampbell

Cop Mama said...

That is the coolest pic with the lion right behind him. He's so brave to just stand there. I think my little guys would have went running away!