Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Visitor

We had a visitor yesterday. This goose seemed to have lost his way for a while and hung out under a tree in my moms front yard for most of the afternoon. We first noticed him during lunch. We were sitting outside and it came right up between the two houses. I ran inside to get my camera! The kids thought he was pretty cool. I thought he might be injured since he stuck around so long. We fed him some bread and by later that evening he was gone. I guess he figured out where he was going.

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~Maria said...

After we went our separate ways from you guys, we left to run an errand and he came over into our yard. We waited in the drive while he crossed our driveway and headed toward our garden. He kept walking that direction and we finally had to leave. I forgot to tell you that! He was gone when we came home about 20 minutes later. We even walked back there and looked for him! :)