Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carney Marsh

To go along with our D theme this week, we took a nature walk/ride to the Carney Marsh up the street to see if we could spot any ducks Monday morning. We had a really nice time and saw lots of fun boys things. Like this caterpillar.
And this frog.Here the boys are trying to trap a grasshopper. The grasshoppers were thick! I myself am NOT a fan of grasshoppers. Frankly, they were creeping me out a bit. They were jumping everywhere.We did get a quick glimpse of some ducks but there were quickly spooked by our presence and flew off. The swans however were not shy at all and we could walk right up to them for pictures.I did spot a Gardner snake thankfully while exiting the park. Had I seen that while entering, I may have turning around and loaded the kids back up. I hate snakes!

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