Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had a pretty productive day. After watching the Cyclones embarrassing football performance I came home from my Dad's and worked in the yard for most of the afternoon. I got the entire yard mowed and got some gardening done too.

I pulled up all the cucumber and cantaloupe vines that were dead. The garden looks a lot different with all that cleaned up. I have mixed emotions. I am bummed because those plants are no longer producing but excited because that means Fall is almost here and that is my favorite time of the year.

Tony had a good day. He started a huge fire in the fire pit. That boy just loves fires. And he also learned how to drive the tractor! He isn't quite tall or heavy enough to actually run the blade. I just taught him how all the gadgets worked. He had a blast just tootling around and around the back yard.Tonight I canned 4 quarts of salsa that Will and I made last night. Yes, we are still making salsa. Tomorrow I will be working on apples. I still have 4 bags of apples that I need to get peeled and either canned or frozen.

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Bridgett said...

That's so cool you guys have your own garden!
Salsa is good.