Thursday, January 21, 2016


This has been a big year of growth for Tony.  Not just physically but he has socially grown as well.  He went to Prom last May.  He went with a group of kids from school and wore the kilt you see below.  I was asked to be the driver for him and his buddies.  I even got to tag along to dinner before the dance.  He had a really good time.

In August Tony started his senior year at Saydel.  Hard to believe he is almost 18.  His grades are doing much better this year, and he is set to graduate in May.  Yay!!
 (First day of school)

Since school started, on Friday afternoons Tony joined the anime club.   He has really gotten into that and has purchased some pretty cool costumes.  He and his girlfriend, Katelynn went to Anime Iowa in November.  It was his first convention and he had a blast!  It was all he talked about for 3 weeks leading up to the convention.  He was quite popular, as he dressed as Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, one of his favorite animes.  He had numerous people stop him and ask for his picture!  Quite a boost to his self esteem!  He already has plans to go to the big convention this summer in Corralville.  

Tony continues to work at Batteries + Bulbs in Ankeny.  He has mastered every flash light and light bulb in the store.  This job has been the absolute best thing that has ever happened to him.  He has grown and matured so much this last year.  It's amazing.

Tony plans to graduate in May and remain living at home.  He would like to work full time for a year and then go into graphic design at DMACC.

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