Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brodie Michael

Brodie.  Brodie.  Brodie.  

Mr. Brodie is in 4th grade this year!  He is the best student.  I am constantly being told that he is such a good student and friend.  He makes us so proud!

Brodie is super athletic and loves sports.  Last Spring he made it onto the All Star team for baseball.  He even hit his first homerun!  He had an awesome year!

Over the summer he and Drew attended a football camp at Iowa State.  Football is his favorite sport and he just can't ever get enough.  He constantly plays football in the backyard, trades football cards with his friends, watches games and follows players stats, he is a true fan of the game!

Paul Rhoades with Brodie and Drew

And of course he is a die hard Detroit fan just like his daddy.

First day of 4th grade.

Brodie and mom on his field trip downtown to the sculpture park.
Our first crop of radishes!  Brodies favorite  veggie!
This was Brodies first year of tackle football.  Our team was awesome and we went 6-1 for the season.  I absolutely LOVE watching these boys play.  The kids have such an awesome group of friends and I can not wait to see what these boys do as they get older.  There is a lot of talent in our 4th grade boys.  
Of course you are going to be good when you have the best coach ever!  

In September Brodie turned 10 years old!  

 Big brother Tony got him his own mp3 player!

Right now we are about half way through the basketball season.  The boys are 0 and 4 but continue to improve each week. It's always so busy with all the sports practices and events but I wouldn't have it any other way.  My most enjoyable moments are watching my boys do what they love!

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