Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everyone always asks how the baby is sleeping. Well here she her own bed!

We have finally, successfully moved her to her own crib after months of sleeping with her in the chair and then her sleeping in her chair in our room. She fussed for a few nights but really it didn't last long. She adapted really well to her bed.

Now she is doing awesome. We put her to bed awake, turn on her singing frog and she puts herself to sleep. And the best part? She has been sleeping all night. Finally. I deserve this after having the two younger boys not sleep through the night till they were almost 3. Drew still struggles to sleep through the night.

And yes, she likes to sleep on her belly with her tush up in the air. In the above picture she was so tired this night that she pretty much just sat in bed. Then she just fell over asleep.

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