Sunday, September 11, 2011

Emily 10 Months

Where does the time go? Can't believe this little girl is over 10 months old now. She is very busy. She has been standing up on her own for 2 months now but has still not taken that first step. Why should she? She is the fastest 3 legged crawler I have ever seen. And if she is on cement where it might hurt her to drag that second knee she just walks like an ape. She gets around just fine.
We are finally starting to get a little hair. Not enough for a pony tail yet but she does have one long curl in the back. And by long I mean about an inch or so. She also just got her 7th tooth.
With those 7 teeth she eats just about everything you put in front of her. She really likes to eat tomatoes. We found her sneaking some out of a box we brought home from Grandma's house the other day. She was having a great time.She is eating so much big people food that she has decided she doesn't really have the time to sit and nurse anymore. She is pretty much weaning herself. She thinks it's fun to do push-ups and head stands and twist clear around all while trying to nurse. It really doesn't work very well. It's kinda sad but just another sign that she is growing up.

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BabiesandBargains said...

shes adorable...My daughter started biting me around 10-11 months and when she did I yelped and she then just stopped the limited time she nursed around that time anyways I was so sad.