Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Week...So Far

Whew this has been a crazy busy week for us and it is only Thursday. Jake has 3 track meets this week and he and Tony have a choir concert tonight. Tuesday night Jake and his team broke their own school record again for the 4x200 meter relay. That was pretty exciting. They have one more meet tomorrow and then they are done for the year.

Today Tony is giving a Power Point presentation on "how to build a birdhouse". Dad and Grandpa Joel helped him work on it last weekend. He did all the preparation himself and even came up with his own design. He did a really great job. The chickens have moved into their new home. The house and run are finally complete! Well, almost. I have to reinforce the bottom of the run with chicken wire because when we came home Tuesday night we found 8 of the 9 birds in the yard. Apparently they can squeeze through the fence. The 9th bird was stuck in the fence and had to be rescued. Thankfully they all stuck together and stayed in our yard when they got out. I got my garden fenced in and it looks really good. I am hoping to plant the rest of the vegetables this weekend. We are suppose to get heavy rain tonight and then it is suppose to be really cold tomorrow night (38 degrees) so I am thinking Saturday after our trip to the Farmer's Market should be a perfect time to plant.


juliecache said...

nice to hear they left the house and explored the run (and yard!).

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed that you made your own ramp for the chickens. Good job! Mom B.