Friday, September 5, 2014


Letter A

I started preschool with Emily this week.  She is old enough to go to public preschool but since she won't be 4 years old till November she would end up taking 2 years of preschool.  I decided to do her first year at home and then I will probably send her next year.  This is what I did with both Brodie and Drew.  It's been fun and she is really excited. 
I have spent a lot of time looking online and finding wonderful preschool material.  The world wide web is full of awesome, FREE material!  

My plan is to do a letter each week.  I have a theme and focus on a color each week as well.  
 Emily is super excited and after each activity she says "now what mom?"  I hope her enthusiasm continues throughout the year and I don't disappoint her.

So far we've had a great start.

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