Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 3

Once our bellies were full, the tables cleared, and food put away, it was nail time!  The second and third generation girls took turns painting each others nails.

Of course Emily was all about getting her nails painted.  She loves it.  And her second cousin Selena was so sweet (and brave) and let Emily paint her nails.  I don't know who had more fun with that, Emily or Selena!

Here was the end results.  Of course Emily thinks that she can paint mommy's nails now too.  I am not near as sweet or brave as her dear cousin so Emily has yet to paint my nails!

Saturday morning before we packed up to head home Will and his momma had to break out the ol' Kaypro to see if they could get it to work.  They wanted to show the kids the computer that their dad grew up with.

Unfortunately they could't get it to do much more than turn on but they had fun reminiscing and looking through old floppy discs.

The kids still thought it was pretty cool.  Dad's first computer looked pretty ancient to them.  Technology sure has changed a lot in the last couple decades.

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