Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's been happening.

A lot has been going on this last month.  Summer is in full swing and it has been busy with all the kids being home.  Here are some of the highlights of the last couple weeks.
Jake got his driver's license.  He can now drive without a parent.  It is terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  I love that he can run errands for us but I get nervous every time he leaves. 
I have been busy in the garden every day.  I have been harvesting lettuce, spinach, kale, snow peas, regular peas and as of yesterday green beans!  Emily loves to help.  She is really good at holding the bowl and sneaking bites of anything she can. 
This is my first year growing pod peas.  It is so exciting!  Everything in the garden is doing pretty well.  My tomatoes and cantaloupe are blooming and I have squash and zucchini that has set on. 

Another major event that happened recently was closing ceremonies for T-ball.  At our last game we gave Will this ball.  I had all the kids sign it and present it to him.  Seeing who got the game ball  at the end of each game was always exciting for the kids.  That night they got to give their coach the game ball.  It was pretty neat. 
Closing ceremonies was held last Saturday.  Will thought he was going to miss it because he was taking Jake to Iowa City for a football camp.  He was able to walk across the field with the boys and watch them get their medals before leaving for the camp.  I was really glad he was able to make it. 

Here is Brodie receiving his medal. 

Baseball is officially over.  Football will start here in a few weeks and Will has already committed to helping out with that too.  The fun never ends! 

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