Friday, May 25, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Monday was Drew's last day of preschool.  He has done so well in school this year and really had a good time.  His teachers said he really matured over the year.  They still claim that he is one of the quietest ones in the classroom.  He is very shy, but has come out of his shell a bit over the year.  His best friend is a boy named Corbin and that is the only one Drew talks about.  He really loved both his teachers and they were awesome.  It was the same teachers that Brodie had last year.  

Tuesday was preschool graduation.  The kids came out and sang 3 songs.  The pictures don't show it but Drew really did a good job singing.
He even did the actions to the songs.  He looks sad in this picture but he was just really "stiff" throughout the entire concert.  He was pretty shy going up in front of all the people.  

Once the concert was over the teachers handed out their diplomas.  He was pretty excited.  Once all the diplomas were handed out we enjoyed ice cream sundaes.  

It's hard to believe that he will be in Kindergarten.  It was hard letting him go to preschool but Kindergarten will be really tough.  He seems to be really excited to go.  It will help alot that Brodie will be at the same school and they will ride the bus together.  

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