Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Carpet

Just thought I would throw in a some pictures of our new carpet. We are really enjoying it. If you have been in our house you would remember how awful our old carpet was. It was here when we moved in and after 10 years and 5 children it was in pretty bad shape.

This is a picture of the night before it was installed. We let the kids enjoy dinner on the old carpet. New carpet = new rules. NO food or shoes allowed! Here is the pretty hardwood floor that was underneath. Some day I would love to have just the hardwood, but it isn't very practical for us right now.The squishy blue padding. And behold, fresh, clean carpet!So far we have made it almost 2 weeks without anything spilled. Just a few spots of spit up courtesy of Emily Joy.


GP & GM Campbell said...

Very nice. Will be out one of these days to see it. Proud of our track man! Glad he is doing so well. Love to all

~Maria said...

We have beautiful hard wood floors under our carpet too and it was hard to cover them. We figured we'd cover them while the kids are young but when it needs replaced we'll hopefully refinish the wood instead.

Ailith Blesington said...

Two weeks without getting any spills on the carpet is quite a feat. How did you do it? With two small nephews, spills on our carpet are almost a daily occurrence. Good thing we make it a point to clean them right away.