Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whew! What a crazy week it has been already and it's only Tuesday. Our Jeep died last Thursday, we finally got it taken into the mechanic yesterday. Today they called and said there was nothing they could do for us because it is a computer problem. Now we have to try and get it in somewhere else yet today.

Not having a vehicle has made it difficult to get Brodie to preschool. Thankfully I have family near me who are willing to help us out. THANK YOU!

We also have had problems with our internet and phone not working. So I spent 25 minutes on the phone this morning trying to solve that issue. Jake has been home for 2 days with a fever and sore throat, so I am taking him into the doctor this afternoon. Crossing my fingers it is nothing major and the other kids stay healthy.

I have been busy going through the last 3 years of photos on my computer. I am trying to get them organzied and ordered so that I can start scrap booking again. I am excited to do this but not sure how much time I will actually have to spend doing it. Once warmer weather gets here most of my time will be outside in the yard!

Speaking of Spring, I am trying to figure out my garden plans. Needing to take inventory on the items I canned last year to see if I want to do more or less this year. Ahhh so many things to do, so little time.

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