Sunday, January 24, 2016

Emily Joy

There is so much to say about this little girl.  She's our princess, our tom boy, our bowl full of energy and joy.   She's always within arms reach of me.  She loves everything girlie, makeup, princess dresses, playing mommy.  Equally, she loves playing with her chickens, toads, caterpillars, bugs and dirt.  She loves to bake and garden just like momma.  She would probably live outside if we let her!

She played T-ball for the first time this past Spring.  She played on Saydel Silver.  She was a little shy which always amazes me, but she made some friends and seem to have a good time.  And when she wasn't sure if she wanted to play or not, the promise of a treat ticket at the end of the game always made her happy.

In the fall we did some drop in gymnastics.  She loved it!  I definitely see a gymnast in our future!  

Emily started preschool in late August.  She has been so excited to go to school like her big brothers. She looks forward to going to school every day.  It's been nice, but kind of strange having some actually alone time each day.  I've had at least one child home with me for the last 10 years. 
Here she is at her first school concert.  The 4 year olds put on a holiday concert.  They sang songs, opened a present and then got to make a gingerbread house with mom and dad.  

Here is our spunky girl after we decorated the Christmas tree!
I almost forgot!  Also in the Fall Emily went to a cheer-leading clinic hosted by the Saydel high school cheerleaders.  They performed during half time of one of the varsity football games.  

Last but not least I think she has already found the love of her life.  Her baby cousin Amelia who was born in July of last year.  When she is around her, she just can't get enough.  I hope they always share this special bond!  I also hope that Amelia will always be so willing to let her cousin hang all over her.


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